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Leiden Pillars

To maintain a monument is a challenging task. In 2020, after the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, it became clear that this challenge would become that much harder for a long period. This engendered the idea to ask a broad audience to become a supporting pillar (‘steunpilaar’ in Dutch) for the Pieterskerk Leiden.

Through a one-time donation or a periodic donation you can also become a pillar of the Pieterskerk Leiden. No matter which donation option you choose, one-time or periodic, your name will be added to the ‘donation-pillar’ or on a real monumental pillar of the Pieterskerk Leiden.

Do you want to be a supporting pillar of the Pieterskerk? Of maybe gift it to someone?

Send an e-mail and receive the brochure (in Dutch) for the Steunpilaren project

Where can I find my name?

Names on the donation-pillar:
• One-time donation € 100 – name plaque 60 x 18 mm
• One-time donation € 250 – name plaque 90 x 27 mm
• One-time donation € 500 – name plaque 120 x 36 mm
• One-time donation € 1000 – name plaque 150 x 50 mm

Name on a monumental pillar:
• One-time donation € 25.000
• 5 x € 5000 per year
• 5 x € 2500 per year*

*your name will be placed on a monumental pillar together with one other name

More information about the advantages of a periodic donation