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Our team

Regular staff, freelancers, employees on call, volunteers and interns are employed by the Pieterskerk Leiden.

The Pieterskerk Leiden works mainly with regular partners, both for the maintenance of the monument and in organizing events. This guarantees a high standard in the execution of all the activities.

Mission & vision

The Pieterskerk Leiden would like to share its 900 years of history and, as a meeting place, connect & inspire people.

Vacancies & internships

Currently there are no vacancies or internships available


As a national monument and the oldest monument in Leiden, the Pieterskerk Leiden has a social function, in which sustainability has, in many aspects, an important role.

Annual reports

In the annual report, the Pieterskerk Leiden foundation reports on the activities of that calendar year. This page contains the digital versions of the annual reports from the past five years. These can be viewed and downloaded as PDF files.