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Support the Pieterskerk Leiden

Cultural ANBI status

The Pieterskerk Leiden Foundation and the Friends of the Pieterskerk Leiden Foundation both have the cultural ABNI status. Donors of cultural ANBI’s have extra tax benefits, because an additional tax deduction applies to them.

Private donors are allowed to multiply a donation to a cultural ANBI organisation by 1,25 and deduct this as a gift in their yearly income tax returns. Businesses that fall under the corporation tax, are allowed to deduct 1,5 times the amount of such a donation from their tax returns for corporation taxes.

ANBI-information Pieterskerk Leiden

Donate & Bequeath

Every donation helps and supports the Pieterskerk Leiden. Why would you donate to the Pieterskerk Leiden? For example because,

you were born in Leiden;
you love the history of the city;
you made an exam in the Pieterskerk;
you work in Leiden;
you have a connection to American history in Leiden;
you have a passion for organs;
you saw how the light falls beautifully on the pillars and floors of the monument …

And what makes a periodic donation so appealing?
More information on Donations & Bequeathments

Will you become a Friend?

[FRIEND (-s), a person who is full of affection for someone or something.]

Our Friends are indispensable for the Pieterskerk Leiden. The support of the Friends helps to realize many important maintenance projects.

For € 0,10 you can become a Friend of the Pieterskerk Leiden and support important Leiden heritage.

More information on the Friends of the Pieterskerk Leiden




The pillars of the Pieterskerk Leiden support the centuries-old monument. We would like to ask you if you want to support the Pieterskerk Leiden as well. Your donation contributes to the preservation of the unique monumental heritage which the Pieterskerk Leiden is. Your name will be added to the donationpillar or one of the monumental pillars, as acknowledgment of your support for the monument.

More information about the Steunpilaren project

Order of St. Peter – Businessclub

Rembrandt, Churchill and Nelson Mandela already knew, the Pieterskerk Leiden is the place you have to be. This beautiful monument represents an essential part of the history of Leiden. I feel it is valuable to, with respect towards the past, contribute to the future of this iconic monument.

Henk Gerla, president of the Order of St Peter and CFO Board of Directors Zorg en Zekerheid

More information about the Order of St Peter

Bach & Leiden Mecenaat

Enjoying Bach’s masterpieces, while at the same time donating to support the preservation of the Pieterskerk Leiden? That is possible! The Bach & Leiden Mecenaat makes this possible.

Every year on Good Friday the Matthäus Passion is performed by the Nederlands Kamerkoor and the Residentie Orkest. Around Christmas the Weihnachts-Oratorium is performed by the Nederlands Kamerkoor.

Would you like to become Kerkrentmeester, Sleutelbewaarder or Klokkengieter?

More information about the Bach & Leiden Mecenaat

Thank you for your support!

The Pieterskerk Leiden is a 900 year old monument. Not a day goes by where there is no maintenance work being carried out somewhere inside the monument. Besides that, there is also research being carried out with regard to the history of our monument. This knowledge is naturally shared.

The donations which the Pieterskerk Leiden receives are directed mostly towards funding maintenance. But it is also spent on education, guided tours, exhibitions & lectures.

Every donation, large or small, contributes to the preservation of the Pieterskerk Leiden for future generations, as well as to sharing the history with contemporary generations. This is something for which we are very grateful.

View the maintenance projects of the last years here.