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Restoration & Maintenance

Renovation & Restoration

In renovation maintenance contemporary materials and innovations are used, whereas in restoration maintenance parts of the monument are restored using old crafts and materials. In a monument the size of the Pieterskerk Leiden renovations and restorations are daily occurences. Between 2000-2010 there was a large restoration, but what was done precisely in those years?

• The wooden construction in the rafters was replaced;
• The natural stone windows were repaired and restored;
• The diagonal stained glass in a gothic model was brought back;
• The roof was fitted with new slates and gutters;
• The underfloor heating was replaced.

The Pieterskerk Leiden Foundation earns part of the funding that is required for maintenance itself, but our monuments remains standing thanks to donations, gifts and subsidies.

NL Doet

Each year in March the Oranje Fonds organizes a large volunteer action under the name NLdoet. The Pieterskerk Leiden joins NLdoet every year. Together with the office team of the Pieterskerk Leiden, companies and individual volunteers who apply on a one-off basis clean the entire monument.

The pulpit and the choir fence are treated with bees wax. The monuments and pillars are cleaned thoroughly, doors are painted. And special attention goes to the Churchwardens Room.

Maintenance projects

Maintenance is a daily job in the Pieterskerk Leiden. Sometimes it concerns renovations, other times restorations. Most of the maintenance work is performed by renovation and restoration professionals, but is sometimes carried out by the caretakers of the Pieterskerk Leiden.

Click the link below for the most unique maintenance projects since 2013.

Donors & Funds

Maintenance of the monument is an almost daily occurence. Often it concerns small maintenance jobs, but also larger projects occasionally. Especially for the larger projects financial contributions are requested with our different and private funds.

The generous contributions throughout the years mean that the Pieterskerk Leiden can be preserved for future generations. The gratitude of the Pieterskerk Leiden for all these contributions is immense.