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Mission and vision

Who are we?

For 900 years the Pieterskerk has been the heart of the historic center of the city of Leiden.

Over the centuries, people came and still come to the monument to meet. The rich history of the city of Leiden is directly linked to the Pieterskerk Leiden in all aspects.

The Pieterskerk Leiden Foundation is passionate about the monument and its associated history & stories; all to be saved for future generations.

Mission & Vision

The Pieterskerk Leiden Foundation guarantees the continued existence of the monument as a meeting place between past and future, by connecting and inspiring people.

The Pieterskerk Leiden Foundation conserves, restores, researches, publishes, produces and receives. All this in a sustainable manner and with responsible business practices.  Pieterskerk Leiden is a third place, a place where you go to relax and where you are part of the social life of the city.

We accomplish that by…

Responsible management and preservation of the monument and its historical, artistic and musical objects, so that visitors and residents of Leiden can meet each other at this central location in the city.

Actively exhibiting, with pleasure, the present and the unique past, in the context of contemporary society.

In offering museum and cultural activities to meet the needs of a wide audience.

To proactively combine creativity and corporate social responsibility with a positive financial result.

Friends of the Pieterskerk Leiden Foundation

The mission of the Friends of the Pieterskerk Leiden Foundation is to foster broad interest in the preservation of the Pieterskerk Leiden, as a churchbuilding and a cultural historical monument, and in the maintenance of the monument and its interior, in accordance with the statutes of the Pieterskerk Leiden Foundation.

The main goal of the foundation is to raise funds to improve the operation and management of the building under the responsibility of the Pieterskerk Leiden Foundation.