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Scientific research

Asking questions is central to scientific research. Questions about the past of the Pieterskerk Leiden and the meaning of the art and architecture in the monument.

That is why the Pieterskerk Leiden stimulates scientific research. We offer help and support for external research inquiries. But we also carry out our own scientific research. For example, the curator of the Pieterskerk Leiden is working on a PhD thesis at Leiden University, concerning the modern history of the monument.

Research & Maintenance

Research also plays an important role in the maintenance of the Pieterskerk Leiden. For example, when (large) restoration projects and conservation efforts for the collection take place, it is always preceded by thorough research.

The Pieterskerk Leiden Foundation is best-practice with regard to the digital management of maintenance. This results in a finetuned long-term planning for all maintenance and an optimal control on the costs of maintenance.

The Pieterskerk Leiden Foundation works closely with its research partners and the Rijksdienst voor het Cultureel Erfgoed (the Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands).

Pieterskerk Leiden Book

Nine centuries of Leiden history
De Pieterskerk in Leiden contains over 500 pages and 400 photographs and pictures. During the restoration period of 2000-2010 intensive research was carried out into the art- and architectural history of the monument. Experts from Leiden University, architectural historians and architects, the Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands and the Pieterskerk Leiden Foundation initiated and realized this project together. De Pieterskerk in Leiden enlightens the history of the building and its use throughout nine centuries. It is available only in Dutch.

Edited by Elizabeth den Hartog and John Veerman.

You can order De Pieterskerk in Leiden for € 39,50 (includes shipping costs within the Netherlands)