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An impressive 900 years old monument with a magical ambiance, this is what the Pieterskerk Leiden can be for your event.

We are happy to organize your plenary conference, unique dinner or special congress. With over fifty years of experience in eventmanagment, we know how to make your event shine in our unique historical ambiance.


The beauty of the Pieterskerk Leiden is impressive when it is empty, especially when the natural light falls through the high windows on the south side of the monument.

Nevertheless the monument only truly comes to life when it is filled with people. Whether that is for an intimate get-together in the 17th century period room or for a large corporate dinner.

The monument is suited for 2 to 2000 people. Would you like to know which locations are available for your event?


Music is of all ages and has sounded through the Pieterskerk Leiden from the days when it was still a small chapel, which preceded the current monument. The main organ has documentation dating it back to at least 1398 and in 1443 a regular college for the Liturgy of the Hours was instated, which spent its days singing in the Pieterskerk Leiden.

Organ concerts are still held and choirs still sing as well, both our local heroes and professionals. Each year, the music of Johann Sebastian Bach plays an important role in that.

Leiden Events

Each year several events linked to the city’s history take place in the Pieterskerk Leiden. Some of these have taken place since the end of the 16th century, like the 3 October Memorial Service, the Opening of the Academic Year and the Dies Natalis of Leiden University.

Thousands of students visit during the Open Days of the university or make exams in the Pieterskerk Leiden.

Other prominent yearly city events are: the Huizinga Lecture, the Veerstichting Symposium, the National Remembrance of the Dead on May 4, the American Thanksgiving Day Service and the Christmas Eve Services. By right the Pieterskerk Leiden truly is the central meeting place of Leiden.