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Junior organist-in-residence

From 2022 onwards, every two years, a search will be started to find a new talent who can fulfill the position of junior organist-in-residence of the Pieterskerk Leiden. After attending two intensive periods of masterclasses a new junior organist-in-residence will be appointed.

Van Hagerbeer Organ

Circa 1446 an organ was built against the west wall of the Pieterskerk Leiden by the organ builder Jacob van Bilsteyn. Approximately 100 of the current pipes in the organ originate from this original instrument. They belong to the oldest organ pipes in the world that can still be played.

In 1639 a renovation of the organ was started by father and son Van Hagerbeer. Between 1994-1998 a restoration and reconstruction took place, carried out by Verschueren Orgelbouw. The Van Hagerbeer organ is the only large Dutch city organ from the 17th century still in existence that has a meantone temperament.

Download the disposition of the Van Hagerbeer organ here

Thomas Hill organ

The Thomas Hill organ was built in 1883 by the famous English organ builder Thomas Hill. It still remains largely in its original condition. The organ is positioned in the southern ambulatory with the main front and keyboard at the side of the transept and the crossing. This location was selected with care. Not only is it the best location from a technical sound perspective, but there are also historical reasons: the former choir organ, which was moved to the Marekerk in Leiden in 1733, was originally located in the same spot. In 1990 the English organ from London was purchased by the Pieterskerk Leiden Foundation and was thoroughly restored in 2011 by Elbertse Orgelmakers from Soest.

Download the disposition of the Thomas Hill organ here

Organists & Tuners

Both organs are in the care of the professionals of the Pieterskerk Leiden. The maintenance of the Van Hagerbeer organ is performed by Verschueren Orgelbouw B.V. and the Thomas Hill organ is maintained by Elbertse Orgelbouwers B.V.

The lingual stops of both organs are tuned by a number of appointed organists, among whom are a number of organists of the organ in the Great Auditorium of the Academy Building of Leiden University. These appointed organists are coordinated by the professionals of the Pieterskerk Leiden in collaboration with Jan Verschuren.