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Guided tours

There is no better way to experience the history of the Pieterskerk Leiden than by being swept up in the stories of our tour guides. Each one of our tour guides brings their own perspective and specialism.

Would you like to know more about who brought the first tulip to the Netherlands or how Barack Obama has a family line to Leiden? We are happy to take you on a journey through the Pieterskerk Leiden.


Izi.TRAVEL is a worldwide, open and free platform to connect cities, museums and their stories to travellers who want to explore the world in a new, innovative way.

The Pieterskerk Leiden was one of the first users of izi.TRAVEL and still uses it.


Research in the Pieterskerk Leiden is focused on academic (art)historical research. Besides that, research is also done to facilitate and support the maintenance of the monument.

The archive of the Pieterskerk Leiden is held by Erfgoed Leiden en Omgeving.

Organ Masterclasses

From 2022 onwards every two years a search will start for a new talent to fulfill the position of junior organist-in-residence for the Pieterskerk Leiden. After following two challenging series of masterclasses, a new junior organist-in-residence will be appointed for a period of two years.