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Organ masterclass

Junior organist-in-residence

The Pieterskerk Leiden will start a search for young talented organists for the position of junior-organist-in-residence. For this purpose the Pieterskerk Leiden will organize an organ masterclass in two parts: part 1 (november 2022) & part 2 (march 2023). There is a maximum of available spots for a total of four candidates, who should be available for both periods. The junior-organist-in-residence will be appointed for a period of a maximum of two years.

Applications can be sent per 1 August 2022. The deadline for applications is on 19 September 2022.

Download the requirements for an application here

Senior organist-in-residence

As both a harpsichordist and organist Léon Berben can be regarded as a master of his art. His expansive knowledge of musical history and historical musical practices make him one of the leading figures among the musicians of his generation.

Léon Berben will guide the masterclasses in the Pieterskerk Leiden artistically in the search for a junior organist-in-residence.

At the start of 2022 Léon Berben created a CD-recording of the oeuvre of Anthonie van Noordt (ca. 1619-1675) on the Van Hagerbeer organ. This new organ-CD will be presented at the end of 2022.

Organ masterclasses

During the masterclasses both organs of the Pieterskerk Leiden will be played: the Van Hagerbeer Organ and the Thomas Hill organ. Léon Berben will conduct the organ lessons for the participants and will guide the young organists artistically. The professionals of the Pieterskerk Leiden will organize a workshop on the conservation and maintenance of the organs in collaboration with Verschueren Organ Builders. Fundraising will also be a part of the curriculum. And naturally there will also be an opportunity to discover Leiden.

Masterclass part 1 – Friday 11 November to Monday 14 November 2022
Masterclass part 2 – Friday 3 March to Monday 6 March 2023

Bellows Treaders Guild

A bellow treader, calcant or kalkant, is tasked with supplying the organ of constant air pressure. The Pieterskerk Leiden has a long tradition of bellow treading. A so called calcantenbel (bellow treaders’ bell) is placed at the Van Hagerbeer Organ, which the organist uses to signal to the bellow treaders to resume their work. Bellow treading belongs to the old trades and was performed historically by both women and men. With the advent of electricity this centuries old trade started to dissappear.

In the course of 2022 new life will be breathed into the Bellows Treaders Guild; this will be accompanied by several masterclasses.

As soon as a date of application is available this will be shared through social media and other means.